Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Yuna Inspired Secret Concert!

I've won the ticket for Yuna Inspired Secret Concert yipppyyyy! 
*ehem, it is an old news as the concert was last saturday. hhehe.

Basically all you have to do is play the "Whatberry 2" game and collect all 22 badges. thats a lot i tell you because every single badge has it owns unique criteria. some of them were quite simple but some were not. but at last i manage to get all the badges andddddddddd got a pair of tickets! :D *thanks Humaira for being so "job-less" on your semester break. 

----------continue tomorrow. :P * i will tell you more about the concert. pictures included. gotta hit the sack. good night!

candid picture *was on the phone. 
seriously, i DID NOT try to pose like Yuna in the poster, in case you're wondering. haha!

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