Thursday, 5 May 2011

Yuna Inspired Me!

Its Yuna Inspired Secret Concert people! :D have you guys watch the Yuna Inspired minisodes on Astro Hitz Channel? if you don't, you can click here to watch it on Youtube. i loved it! you can see her journey here in Malaysia, London and New York! how cool is that? Yuna shines through all the minisodes. im not the biggest fan of Yuna, but i do love her music, personality and STYLE! look at the pictures below, she rocking the shocking pink jacket, with a colourful turban (ethnic kot. *sorry i dont speak fashion :P) btw, the scarfs around her neck and the one tied as the turban are from her store IAMJETFUEL in Subang Jaya. they got stuff online too. check it out.

The first song that she sang was "Dan Sebenarnya" and it was AMAZING. i was mesmerized by her voice live because it sounds just like what i heard on radio, except she sang in different version which was better than original, for me.

 in conclusion: we had fun!

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