Monday, 2 May 2011

the story of a shallow Blogwalker.

oh yes, im talking about meeee. hehee.
blogwalking is soo addictive. what kind of blog do i like, you ask? (ye lahh, of course la you ask, as i have 6 followers now, so konon-konon, diorang tanya la kan! HAHA! 6 ye, bukan 6k :P)

no sweat at all. trust me. :P

i love fashion blogs. i really do. because this kind of blog usually comes with tons of pictures. yeah, i love blog with pictures, and of course i love they way they write too. Nowadays we can see lots of bloggers with hijabs, have AMAZING AMAZING personal styles! they really do. they are quite hardcore bloggers with lotsa clothes. they will upload pictures of themselves everyday or every two days with different style of clothing. whoaa. hebat lah diorang ni kan. how do they do that? they always make me wonder "berapa banyak lah baju yang diorang ada agak-agak?" *the thought that always pop up on shallow blogwalker's mind. :P i would love to share some of the links of my favourite blogs but i dont know the rules here. can i just share them? takut diorang marah pulak. *but why would they be mad, im promoting their blog (to my 6 followers muahahaha) if i put the links here. ntah la. but i think most of fashion bloggers, blog readers out there already read their blogs or even follow them. so no need lah.

holiday pictures

oh yes. its just normal that people would write about their personal lives. its kinda fun to read. especially when they are not in Malaysia. its interesting. i love to read about Malaysian students that study all around the globe. they certainly learn new things that we (Malaysian students study in Malaysia) don't get to experience like trip during holidays to other countries with bunch of friends or even the way the classes are conducted there are quite different (far more interesting!), i guess. or they just talk about random things like holiday trip, meeting some friends ect.

haaaaaa, this is my guilty pleasure. apa yang best tengok blog pasal makanan? em, i dont know. haha. food looks good in pictures and have good reviews from the people make me salivate and just want to go there right away! like seriously. i love food, food loves me, and i think i'm fatter just by looking at these amazing food blogs. :P

some cool pictures to see.

the thing about the blogs that i followed, they have LOTS of followers! confirm semua ribu-ribu. that's a lot! that maybe one of the many reasons why they update their blogs regularly because people will start asking if they don't. or mayyyyyyybe they got soo many followers because they update their blog regularly. hah, im not sure about that. :P or maybe they are born to be internet stars!

btw, all pictures above are purely "gambar hiasan" from my personal pictures collection. *as you can see, most of them, have my face on it. hahah. sorry. people who read this entry must be tired of looking at my face by now. c(;

soooo, thats all. bye cool people. (:


=YunChanKhalid= said...

wow, i'm one of your followers! heehehe, wink wink! happy blogging! i like your blog so much. ! that's why i am currently following yours. ngeee.

Maira Humaira said...

aww, thank you thank you. :) i followed you too, btw.

KizZ said...

Chumellah awak!