Friday, 20 May 2011

its Friday Friday!

Yep. its Friday, 12.44am. IM EXHAUSTED! i had classes packed up from 8.30am till 6.50pm then a short club meeting at 8.30pm. But one thing i know about myself better than anybody is no matter how tired i am, i almost never go to bed early. Seriously. Btw, have you ever notice that your bed is the most comfortable thing in the world especially after you snoozed the alarm? *i've read that somewhere and i think that is soosooo true. #Random Fact. Ehem. Back to the story, i woke up this morning, forcing myself to get ready and I only have one thing in mind. "Argh, Arabic class from 8.30am till 1pm today. Geeeraatttt!" After 30 minutes, i was all dressed up then one evil plan popped on my mind. "Why dont i just skip the morning class today? I am soo tired because I stayed up all night finishing my assignment" ceh. padahal tak ada assignment pun tido lewat jugak. Then i went to my dad and ask him.

Me: Abah, is there any way that i can skip the morning class? i am sooo tired. *sleepy face....and is there anything other than MC that i can give to the lecturer as an excuse letter?" *sebak-nak-nangis face.

Abah: Noo no, you should go to your class. i will drive you there.\

Me: But its Arabic. *makin sebak.

Abah: Nooo you cant do that. Nevermind, I will go to your class to see how the lecturer teaches you guys today.

i was like whatheheck and went to my room and... collapsed on the bed helplessly. Knowing my phone alarm is still on snooze and it will wake me up any minute, so i was forcing myself to sleep like a baby *I always hold my phone in the morning, so it's easier for me to press the snooze bottom. HAHA! that's why i always snooze my alarm until i realize i was late.

15 minutes later, i was all alone in the car, driving myself to UIA with my eyes half-opened. I went to the first class at 8.30am. then to the next. and next. then the last class of the day. *yes, i ended up went to all the classes "__"
after that i went to the meeting. it was a short one and i went back home at 9.30pm. on my way back, my brain started recalling (bubble flashback) about what happened in the morning and  i LMAO! what was i thinking? gila merapu kan.

perkara-perkara yang merapu tak masuk akal.

1# why did i even bother to get up if i want to skip the class so bad and i even asked my dad for permission to skip class? like hellooo?

2# I  was all dressed up for the class and finally menurut hasutan setan suruh ponteng kelas pegi sambung tido. *note to setan: lain kali hasut awal-awal boleh tak? ni dah siap baru nak cakap haishhh *dont take me seriously, this is a joke. :P

3# why did i go and ask my dad those stupid questions?!!! like seriously. excuse letter apa kebenda? excuse letter tak pegi class sebab malas?

4# i asked permission to skip class, my dad offered me a ride to UIA when driving myself to the university was not even an issue here. i just want to skip the class!

5# and the last one. and why oh why in the world my dad said he will come to my class today and see how the lecturer teaches us?! ahahahahhaaha. i really dont understand this part. *maybe because i always complain Arab susah kot. hahah its still funny though.

The sad thing is, i was not realize how ridiculous the conversation was until 9.30pm just now. more than 13 hours after the conversation. pfft.

okay enough about that. that's the past. let's talk about the future. i am going for a short holiday with the family, yippyyy.~ very much excited because this is the first family holiday for my one and only baby niece. soo, why am i more excited than her? maybe because she is wayy to young to be excited for herself! hehe. it is just 5 of us, my mom, bro, sis, niece and me. where are we going, you ask?

                                              here                         *google image

ps: Surprisingly, i enjoyed my Arabic class yesterday because i actually understand what ustaz taught us, which is a very rare event in my calendar. :P


A guy said...

The last paragraph seem's to be same like mine la.. btw,where r u heading for d vacation ??

Vancsura Ildi said...

I loooove your write for today, haha your view of thinking is like mine! As you asked your dad... :D I used to feel "suffering from classes" at college in morning time too and in university as well (it's just last year i finished...). Now I'm suffering to go to work each day in the morning :P
Keep writing, you make my day cheer up in the morning :) :*

Vancsura Ildi said...

Are you going to Dubai? Cool! Envying you for that trip (that's worth to study Arabic) :-D Enjoy the journey

Maira Humaira said...

a guy: soooory lmbt reply! i went to HK for 5 days. dah lama dah baru nk bgtau. heehe.

Ildiko: thank you Ildi. no, it wasnt Dubai, i went to Hong Kong. was a nice short family vacation. :)