Monday, 16 May 2011

Mental Illness

i dont know what's wrong with me, but sometimes (em, more than sometimes) i do things without thinking.
For instance i'll lock the door every time i enter a room/house...or whenever i drive, park somewhere and get out of the car, after 50 steps of walking away from the car i will try to recall whether i lock the car or not and then i ended up running back to the car, and see the car is safely locked EVERYTIME.

it seems like i do things automatically without realizing it. is it normal? haih, pelik-pelik je. But i think some people do the same thing too. Contonnya setengah orang suka tekan loceng walaupun dia tau pintu rumah tak kunci (which i find it sooo annoying because i usually run halfway down the stairs then i hear the door open *click)

one thing i really hate, although i do it, ehem, people say "NTAH" or "TAKTAU" or "TAKDE" when they are too lazy to think.

For example:

1# Watak Ummi dan M. (Bukan nama sebenar) *coughs

Ummi: " M, ada nampak tak tudung ummi yang color brown tu? "

          M: "ntah, tak tau" --sambil mata kat laptop tengah type-type.

then, Ummi and M went out to One Utama.

      M: Laaa, Ummi kenapa pakai tudung merah? tak sesuai lah. kenapa tak pakai tudung brown?

 Ummi: itulah. tudung brown tak jumpa. taktau pegi mana.

     M: Laaa, tudung brown ada dalam laci bilik M. Apesal tak tanya.

 -- then M looked at ceiling and and had a flashback. then tersengih sorang-sorang. Ummi buat muka malas nak cakap banyak. The thing is M wasn't even thinking whether she (she? *ehem, muka tak bersalah) even seen the tudung before or not. out of laziness, she says "taktau". *sigh.

2# Salesgirl and S

S: Excuse me, do you have the thing that when you want to read a book you you have it?

Salesgirl: Takde..

--like seriously? i know you dont even understand the explanation because i donit understand it either, but out of the confusion of the sentences used or simply because you dont understand what is the person saying probably because of the different slang or language, you say TAKDE. Everytime i heard this word from a salesgirl, i will try to look for the stuff myself because most of the times i ended up found it in the store. "__" If you dont understand it, just ask lah. i hate to say this but Malays always like that. *sad. Maybe they have this mentality like "kalau aku cari benda tu sampai jumpa pun bukan aku dapat gaji lebih ke apa" thats what i think what they have in mind. the thing is we should be more active and fast. barulah cekap dan maju. *note to self. dont focus on what reward will you get if you do certain things, just do things right and i believe you will get the benefit as long as you are sincere doing it.

im not saying this to trash other people, it is more like a friendly reminder to us all. we should think before we say things or do things. right? right? :B *tayang gigi heee.

                                                    in conclusion, stop being SENANGBERRY

instead, we should be RAJINBERRY!

psst, these pictures are actually desktop wallpapers that i got from the "WhatBerry" games. :P
and sorry if you got confuse with my points here, its just some random thought. 


A guy said...

it does always happen when the distraction occur n we feel to just "lepas cincai je"..but this unconscious mind sumtimes does really make others,khusyuk2 type pon ingt2 la org yg t'syg.hehee

Maira Humaira said...
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Maira Humaira said...

hahaha. jadilah typer yg berhemah. ingatlah org tersayang. :P

A guy said...

syg lah org yg beringat supaya typer jdi lebih bhemah..hehhe.

Maira Humaira said...

ahahaha. good one.