Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I will write every day!

A promise I made but never kept. I have my reasons, of course. I’m working now. Although it is just kerja-sementara-dapat-kerja-yang-betul-betul kinda job, it sucks all the free time out of me pretty much every day except for the weekend. I like it, though. :) In fact, I really really like it.

 I feel this is the practice I really need before I go for the real job. Get up in the early morning (which to my surprise, it’s actually not that hard if you sleep early! Woahh, I never knew that when I was a student :P)  and all the clerical duties that I think VERY important to every person on planet earth living in the 21st century. *lebih-lebih pulak kan. Heehe. It’s true, though. 

Oh and i get to improve my communication skills! This is the most important. I am actually an introvert person and a bit shy. I enjoy thinking and exploring my thoughts and sometimes think having a big group of people around would drain my energy a bit. By big group I mean acquaintances, especially they are a bunch of loud people. :P It’s not like I don’t talk at all, but it feels like I have to push myself a tiny bit to talk. I talk a lot when I’m with my family and best friends, though (and sometimes other introverts or shy people :P maybe because I understand how they feel inside?) Although there’s nothing wrong of being introvert (and shy), there’s no harm of bringing the inner extrovert in me, right people? :) 

Plusssss, it pays the bills. *sigh. Haha! Joke. I always wanted to say this, I don’t know why! Maybe I watch too much movies (Like "(500) days of Summer". The guy trained as an architect but works as a writer at a greeting card company and his job sucks. HAHA!) that show how one job sucks  but need to quit whining and just do it for the sake of the money. But in my case, I don’t really have a lot of bills to pay as I’m living with my parents and my job ain’t suck. :PP anddd, the pay is quite good too! way better than i expected. so all iz good. :D

One more thing happened. My pet bunny died. :( Although it was over a month now, I am still sad about it. Em, maybe I will talk about it in the next post?

I will end this post with the pictures of my fluffy furball, my baby Luna. :(

 I is snoozing.

 I is playing.

I miss you, Luna..

Have a good weekdays people. 

p/s: i will not write everyday.