Thursday, 1 November 2012

the convocation day.

The day of my graduation, finally! Alhamdulillah. (before the very day, I was sooo worried that I might not be listed for 2012 convocation as I just graduated about a month before, thanks to rumour spreading around UIA, They said I will be listed for next convocation, which is October, NEXT YEAR! But, thank God, it was just a stupid rumour! Come to think of it now, why the heck am I not suppose to be on the list this year? I graduated a month before the convocation, not a day before. Gosh, these people! Just want to make me feel miserable huh. I kept having these nightmares that I look old and grumpy on my graduation day as it is a year from now. heehee. *exaggeration-to-the-max!
Testing out the cap before going to UIA. I mismatched the colour of the shawl and my baju kurung miserably as I didn't know that we suppose to wear cream scarf for the day when I choose the baju. LOL, my bad. oh well, is not like people can see my baju under the robe, right? 

My face is soo scary looking! seriously, what happened? :P
the sister and the sister-in-law

 Down below are array of  similar pictures of the family. Gosh! Just realized that I brought quite a crowd! LOL. Thank you so much for coming, Family! You guys are the best. p/s: There were few more of them not in the pictures.

Actually, this is not "the official" camera of the day. Thus, the pictures weren't that good. It was taken with my Nikon by..well, anyone who held the camera at the time. All in all, it was a wonderful. day. :) I was panicking the whole time until I finally got the scroll in my hands. Yay, officially graduated!


Ildi said...

Congratulations! Finally you got what you have studied for so many years! Be very proud of yourself!

Maira Humaira said...

thanks Ildi. :) now its time find a job. :P