Friday, 2 November 2012

Everybody loves Adam & Hawa

I loooove Adam & Hawa! Like seriously. To be honest, I couldn't recall the last Malay drama I watch but whatever it is, this is, by far, the best Malay drama I have ever watched! The story line is just so well put together (maybe because it based on novel) and so sad and happy at the same time, giving us the melancholy feeling all the way. 

However, like any other movies or drama series in the world, there MUST be things that we don't like or find it a little bit..annoying? For this particular series, I got to say "THE PHONE SCENES". Adam & Hawa and their smartphones. Seems like most of them use smartphones. I'm totally okay with it, except..
they call no one with it.

LOL. I find it funny and annoying at the same time. we can obviously see the Home screen of that Iphone when she was trying to reach Ain at the time. Seriously, can you like fake a call or something. If you really dont want to fake it, then face the phone to the other way so we can't see the home screen. Simple.

I find this scene was crazy funny! This was the scene where Adam texting Ain saying "Adam will be waiting for Ain in front of the cinema, and if Ain is hungry, we could go eat first" and the picture below is the scene where Ain received the text.

because the scene is soo funny, I will break it into 3 points.(ceh)
1. Adam texting Ain at 7.21pm, but for some odd reason, Ain got the text at 3.58pm! wohh, thats too crazy.

2. The wording of the message, oh my gosh!. why oh why are they so different? Is Adam's Iphone has the mind of its own and change the wording of Adam's text message? My theory is Siri responsible for this. She must be jealous and change the wording. As you can see, the text Ain received seems a bit angrier with the double exclamation points. Em, seriously Siri?! Bad Siri.

3. You can see that Ain's phone says "NO SERVICE". Last time I check, you can't get a text message or phone call when there's no service. But, I let this pass lah because Iphone kadang-kadang tak betul jugak. Kejap no service, then ada balik.

But you get my point.

The scenes below are where Ejah sort of "forcing" her sister to go to the airport to meet Adam and his mom as they just got back from Umrah.

 I like this scene so much! At last someone successfully pushed Ain to do something. So keras kepala that one. But I totally understand where she came from. She is soo stubborn because her past was soo traumatizing. Well, that's not actually the point. the point here is..again, the time on the iphone. Ain said to her sister earlier, she probably couldn't make it to the airport as it's already 6pm. But, after she got in the car and start driving, cursing Adam like she always do and guess what, she got a text. It was from Adam of course!, begging her to come for the sake of his mom. The saddest thing is, the time showed on the phone was 3.52pm. Ain must be a pure evil and a slow driver! When she got in the car, it was just 6pm, now its already 3.52pm? So my theory is Ain evilly let Adam and his mom spend one night at the airport, waiting for her to come. *sigh. Bad woman. But at least now we know why there's no service earlier. Ain is using Digi.

That's all for now and I hope you get my humour. Tata. I'm gonna watch Adam & Hawa on Astro-on-the-go on my ipad now.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha..tolo la mung..

Anonymous said...

hahaha funny you.. well common thing we saw dlm drama melayu..masalah konti yg x selaras..pathetic sbb we expect perfection tp ah malas nak ckp pjg2..

/s : im ur silent reader. pls do keep posting nice entries ya. ok bai :)

Maira Humaira said...

anonymous 1: :P

anonymous 2: aw, you commented on my birthday! heehe. sorry for the late reply. thank you soo much. :) and yaa, drama melayu and any other dramas mmg ada benda2 mcmni. it funny though. :}

Anonymous said...

oh really.. hey wishing happy belated birthday to u..well i guess better late than never..hahaha may all ur resolution for this upcoming new year comes true.. nite ;)