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Manja Diri with Nona, Remaja and The Body Shop

June 11th, 2011

I went to Manja Diri with Nona, Remaja and The Body Shop. well, actually i am not so sure about the name of the program but it is something like that. please don't correct me if I'm wrong.! I'm not in the mood to be corrected. *boleh tak macamtu? :p It is actually a grooming class with a bunch of people and lotsa skin care products and make-ups. Basically women will go crazy with these things. Heehe you get the idea right?

It was actually a last minute thing. My sister's friend wall-ed me yesterday asking if im free on saturday because her grooming partner can't make it. (Kak Nad works at Karangkraf btw ) to be honest, I usually would pass on this kinda thing, not that im not into make-up, skin care or anything, it's just that i am plain lazy. :B *senyum tunjuk gigi. But the fact that i am going to be home alone anyway because my mom and sis went back to Kelantan for few days, my bro was working and my dad as well, so i decided to go. why not, its not like i have better thing to do at home. 

We decided to meet up somewhere in Shah Alam. i have the slightest clue on how to drive myself to Shah Alam. My plan was to just follow the signboard and find any landmark for Kak Nad to pick me up. But the Papago on my phone that never lead me to the right path of life before (ceh, i mean the right direction to anywhere lah :P ) magically worked. how cool is that? you do work when i need you the most ha? good good. *although it only worked for less then 10 minutes and the freaking navigation stopped when i in the middle of roundabout. i ended up go around it twice and decided to follow my instinct and guess what, i got there, safe and sound. *proud. Apparently instinct works when your GPS doesn't. 

So we got in there and we had deliiicious breakfast before the class started. Nasi lemak always Malaysian's favorite and it definitely my favorite-est breakfast when the sambal is not spicy. Okay, let's start the grooming class people! We got the table at the back which was great so we can see the whole class. oh we got a goody bag from The Body Shop worth RM120. thank you The Body Shop.! First hour we learnt about our skin and all the skin care products. Which is suitable with our skin and all. Let me tell you, the speaker (speaker ke? eh i dont know what to call her. alah, the one with mic la senang cerita :P) was VERY energetic which helped a lot in keeping myself awake the whole session. To be honest, I'm not really interested in skin care products before but after learning and knowing so many things from the class, now i can see how important it is. seriously it is important! wayyy more important than make-up. and did you know that your aging process starts at the age of 25? weh, that's too early! so start take care of your skin now before it too late. ehem. moving on. when the speaker (?) talked about type of skin which are normal, dry, oily and combination, i confidently thought that i have combination skin but suddenly the speaker pointed out people with dry skin the class and i was one of them! *shocked. The skin care session was surprisingly fun and informative to tell you the truth.

After that we moved to the next session which is the session everybody excited about, which is...make-up time! But first, we have to wipe all the make-up that we already have. haaa we can see the flaws on our face very clearly now. haha. We started off with all the skin care products which were very refreshing. *I plan to buy all of them...eventually. ehem. they we put our make-up on. we have to follow steps that they thought us. Kak Nad and I were very much excited to try the smokey eyes. I have never done heavy eye makeup EVER. So when I put it on, all I can think about "how the hell am i going to clean this up when i get home? too much hassle" It was so much fun putting all sorts of things on our face especially when you know the right way to do it. The people from The Body Shop walked around so that people can ask questions which was really cool. oh and they also were looking for the best make-up for every table. I was not really thrill for that, what i was more excited was how thick are my black liner and black eye shadow should be for the smokey eyes look. Really, I had so much fun  wasted  that much make up especially when it's freeeeeee. hehe. when they say the time is up, i grabbed a lips stain and put it on so that i look more human and less raccoon.
When they pointed out the one winner for every table, I was still busy lipstain-ing my lips and i was completely in shocked when they pointed me to go in front as I was the winner. Seriously I didn't expected that at all because I thought the Indian girl besides me did pretty eye make-up but I dont know for some reason i won. haha. I went infront and took a few pictures with the prize in our hand (the Body Shop powder foundation--which I already bought from HK -.-)

It was a fun fun day for me, thanks Kak Nad! 

btw, i join the eightDesigns my BFF Contest 2. 

 best friend is meant to be kept forever. but when your best friend is you sister, you have no choice. ;P

do you like this ? if you do, please vote for me and my sis yeah. :)

how to vote you asked? 
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vote for me if you think my sister and I deserve to win alright. (:

btw, i think the caption is just...not-so-smart. haha. other people write a poem and stuff. *yes, i perfectly aware that i am not really creative. :P I just have no clue what to write for the caption. i came out with the caption after 2 minute of brainstorming. *lazy.   

24th May 2012

OMG, I just found this post on draft! HAHA! For some reason, I didn't post this on my blog. I don't know why. It is such a waste. Thus, I decided to post this up, although it contains an irrelevant content like the contest! heehe. Oh, I didn't win (I think). Well, they didn't contact me or anything, so I must have lost right. :B 

Later blog. :)

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