Thursday, 31 May 2012

I want this pretty pleaseee..

i is wanting thizzzzz

H m jacket, £25
Cheap Monday low rise skinny jeans, $90
Lanvin ballerina flat shoes, $550
J Crew leather handbag, $148

There's a website allows you pick & choose random awesome stuff that you like and make what you've seen above.
I loveeeeeeeeee it! where can I get all the stuff for cheap??  pfft~ you random crazy expensive stuff.


Ian Afifah Sudarman. said...

nice combination love thoose blazer to >,<

Happy to know you sister, mind to follow me back :)

Maira Humaira said...

ya i know right. cute jacket. its from h&m. h&m nnt ada kt malaysia sept ni yay. heehe.