Friday, 19 August 2011

A blog post, believe it or not.

oh hi...almost forgot i have a blog. hehehe. My days are quite hectic for someone on her semester break, really. I'm helping out my sister's friend with her new boutique, El Humaira Platinum Walk, Danau Kota. come come and buy your baju raya here. Ehem. Anyway, she just delivered a baby boy, so basically I take her job and consider myself as the "manager" (for a month). heh. I work from 10-6pm everyday except Sunday. I completely ignoring the fact that the boutique is NEVER closed, 7 days a week, and shamelessly asked for sunday off. How could one work EVERYDAY without a break, seriously? If you say you work for money, when will you gonna spend it anyway if you work EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY?!  Okay, enough Humaira, moving on. So, basically I drive from Damansara Damai to Danau Kota and have to go through the massive traffic almost everyday with a lot of patience (so that i am able to buka puasa at home) and not complaining. T_T Oh one more important note,   I hereby announce that i am now consider rock kapak as a listen-able music "...aku yang masih ditaman ini, mencari mawar, mawar berduriiiiii...nak ditinggalkan, terasa sayang, ingin ku belai, tangan tak sampaiiii..." HAHAHAHAHA. *im writing this while listening to the song because apparently the kakak that work with me a big fan of rock kapak.

I promised myself to write about Hong Kong here so that i will remember my HK trip forever (cehh) but you know what, iamtoolazytodothat. one of the reasons why is there is so much to write and some of them i dont even remember! *thanks to the short-term memory I have. :P emm, i dont know if this sounds weird or absurd but I think I have so many vacations, once every few months! so when I was thinking of writing on HK trip, i was in Bangkok with my besties, shopping. -.- I dont know whats wrong with me making so much holiday plans when I already have so much to do without these plans! InshaAllah everything will work out, Humaira, so focus on your holiday plans! heehe.

So here are some "lovely" pictures of us. :P Bangkok with the twins. one word: SOMUCHFUN! *yeah, that's one word for you. 

this is one delicious thing.! that was delish blueberry cheese cake ice-cream, can you imagine?
stuff I bought on the 1st day of shopping. oh and i bought 2 Thailand 'notebook' passports! soso cute.
just us.
love the color.
this is the twins's sis's cute little boutique. *not sure if i write it right. grammar fail!
my lovely twins.
the frozen yogurt i love.! but frozen yogurt is much much better.  
Siam Paragon Mall. we watched Transformers 4D. IT WAS AMAZING. It is like watching a movie and riding a roller coaster combined. literally. i was laughing for the first 15 minutes because I didn't expect the seat to move so much. and the best part was when the autobots splashed us with their saliva. :P  and and I love any scenes that involve wind like jumping off the helicopter, like seriously, its soo cool and cool (sejuk because of the wind :PP). Another cool effect would be smoke all over the theater hall when there were scenes involve fire or anything causes smoke!. 
we had the best dinner at Sukishi. :)

hope everyone will have a lovely weekend. xx

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