Thursday, 28 April 2011

random awesome.

Browsing my picture albums on my laptop. just thought that i want to share some here. do you believe "every picture tells a story"? well, i do. some dont. maybe because im not a camwhore (em, maybe sometimes but not all the time. heeeheee), so almost every picture that i have, has it owns story. don't believe me? alaaaaa, please do! :B

these are some example, tak banyak pun. just some random pictures.

this picture of me was taken by my cousin when we were in Aceh, last February. my mom, cousin and i visited my sis, who recently got married to an Acehese. i like this picture. everytime i look at it, i can feel the warm breeze and the peacefulness. plus, this is one of the gorgeous beaches i ever been to in my life. so its special! :P

hey, thats our (the cousins and i) version of red velvet cake! actually this is kinda embarrassing to talk about. the cake was for my mom's 55th birthday. yep, you read it right, its just that i got overexcited and miscounted my mom's age and just write it "54th" instead of "55th". hey, its not every birthday you are younger than you really are right? okay, crap! :P

we didn't follow any recipes, we just go with the floww~ (HAHA!). surprisingly it tasted not so bad!

Maher Zain! this picture was taken during his visit at my university.

HAHA! this is a funny one. and what makes it funnier is that i COMPLETELY unaware of whats the funny thing about the picture until the weeks passed by when i wanted to upload this picture on facebook.

this picture was taken in MRT, when i was in Singapore.

the 1st funny thing: i was sitting there innocently when a PREGNANT LADY is actually right in front of me! (the lady in blue) you can obviously see the husband giving me the bitchy look. hahaha.

the 2nd funny thing: what make this picture even EPIC is the fact that i was actually sitting on a seat where the HUGE BLUE SIGN of "Reserved Seating" placed right above my head! haahah. so don't blame the bitchy look from the husband. xP

i am truly sorry! as a pelancong asing, you can probably forgive me rightt? :PP

and this is my first niece! i dont need to write long sentences on this one. (:


Ildikó said...

Love your words, as you express yourself! I often find situations, feelings you share like it came into my own mind too :) Keep writing dear Mira!

maira humaira said...

aw thanks Ildi. :) thanks for reading it!

Syahirah Abdul Aziz said...

dh boleh follow. =D
nati kalau nk request ape2, pm je kt fb ek. =D

*comel la ur niece. =D

Maira Humaira said...

syira: dahh follow dah. :PP
okay, mmg nk! nnt maira PM ye. thanksss syira.