Thursday, 10 June 2010

that's the way to do business.

i. am. pissed. yes, i am. i just hate the way people do business nowadays. really. i went to grocery store at my place just now. i bought some food that cost me rm 9.80. i gave the grocery guy rm 10. there were few people in the store while i was waiting for my 20 cent balance. so, the cashier guy was sort of talking to the lady besides me. its okay. i can wait. my eyes went to the chocolate box in front of me, on the cashier counter. after 30 seconds, here i am. still waiting. i started to feel weird now. then, i had a sudden revelation.

"is this guy try to act like i am not right here waiting for my 20 cent?"

unless he is blind or i am invisible, theres noo way he cannot see me right? hello, are you forgetting something? im right in front of you. did he forget? well, it is possible. people forget sometimes. most of the times, they're don't but they act like they do! seriously. i wish i have the guts to choke him for that 20 cent. well, even if i have the guts, i dont want to look stupid screaming for 20 cent especially when theres other people in the store. then, i came out with this amaaaazing idea. (well not really. more like a coward idea) i walked to the candy counter and take 4 sweets and search for the idiotic face behind the cashier counter.

*from google*

then i say "erm, these are my 20 cent. so i dont need the balance, thank you."

i looked at his face very carefully, just dont want to miss his reaction.
he just unwillingly nodded.
argh. i knew i was right.
he forgot to give the balance on purpose!
maybe some people might say oh i'm overreacted. its just 20 cent.
i dont care whether its 20 cent or 20 ringgit.
is the way they do business is killing me.
the funny thing is, they have this jar for tip.
hah! maybe the cashier guy thought it is a way to make
extra money at first, after a while working there and
realized "theres no easy money, baby" so why don't we steal the money instead?
oh one more thing, who wants to tip a cashier guy anyway?
basically, all he does is put the stuff in the plastic bag and tell
us how much to pay.
i'm sorry but i really don't get the idea of "tip me" jar in a grocery store.

next time, if you want to make more money, pray hard and do
your business right. oh and, get rid of that tip jar.

*from google*


Shawal Abd. Rashid said...

haha. this is funny, humaira. lol. kalu aku, terus kasi lelaki tu sentap..

"oi cik abang... mana 20sen aku, huh?"
(buat dgn gaya cekak pinggang... lg dramatic)..

maira humaira said...

hahahaha. shawal! thanks for visiting. *okay tau dah lama dah tp baru nk cakap thanks. :P