Sunday, 3 January 2010

here i go again.

blogging again. still, i dont know what to write. i remembered those days where i was so excited to write things happened to me or things i wanted to do, although when i read it now, it seems sooo silly. but that was me.
i dont really like my old blog but i love me being so enthusiast to write. em, and i still wonder where the feeling go. i was 18 when i was writing those posts. well, not too long ago, i guess. i think blog is a place to write without knowing what to write. your writing is not something important nor something that the world should know. it may contains nothing but pointless sentences but it is something personal. and actually i found something interesting when i reread all the posts in my previous blog. i feel like i can see and judge myself from there, although sometimes i feel like it wasnt me whom writing those posts. but it is me. no, it was me.

why am i want to write when i dont have confidence in my own writings? well, maybe it is because i love to read other people's blog, and i dont care how silly it was. because that makes they are them, right? so, i sort of realize that i should write. not for others to read but for me. it is not like i wont let people to read it but i do not recommend it because you may not gain anything from it. well, that what i thought for now. maybe it will change for some reasons, eventually. who knows.

but for whoever that read my blog and put some comments like "keep on writing" or "good job", to be perfectly frank, i was shocked, in a good way. i dont know if you guys being honest or just messing with me but whatever the reason is, i just want to say thanks for saying that because it usually makes me smile for a least 3 seconds. :P <---- that smiley face is pure fake. i dont smile with the tongue poke out like that. hah! anyways, this blog is a blog for me to judge me in few years time. i want to be able to think that i was a complete moron to write all the entries that will be suffocated this blog soon, hopefully. (:

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